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Transition to an Elderly Home for Seniors – What to Expect and How to Overcome It

Teenage Granddaughter Visiting Grandmother At HomeWhen you’re used to living at home, moving to a senior living facility can seem like a daunting transition. However, such care facilities offer productive and even enjoyable opportunities for healthy life changes. You can make the experience more comfortable and successful if you give some thought to what you expect and how you might be able to overcome your worries.


Dealing with concerns about independence

One of the most common and uncomfortable thoughts about moving to an elderly home is that independence will be a thing of the past. We absolutely understand this concern, and we provide physical and cognitive activities designed to promote independence through physical and mental well-being. However, participation in these activities is always optional. Meanwhile, we will respect your privacy by knocking (whenever possible) before entering your room. We emphasize self-care, and part of that process involves paying attention to what helps you feel independent and happy.


Getting used to the staff

It’s natural to be a little wary of new people, and you may find yourself wondering how well you will be able to relate to the staff in an unfamiliar residential. Our staff has extensive training and is dedicated to providing personalized care that will help you feel at home. Friendly, supportive and respectful, each person has a comprehensive understanding of elderly care, nutritional health, medication procedures and emergency protocol. Our cozy, relaxing setting doesn’t feel like an institution, and the low caregiver to resident ratio means someone is available to look after your specific needs 24 hours a day. In addition, we take feedback very seriously, so your voice will always be heard.


Settling into your surroundings

Letting go of familiar surroundings can be a painful and disorienting experience. We will ease your transition by allowing you to bring your own specialist furniture and the other personal possessions that help you feel comfortable. However, your room will be furnished with new furniture, so it’s also possible for you to have a fresh start. We are also located in a truly beautiful part of the city, with a peaceful, bright backyard filled with fruit trees. Residents who like the outdoors will find much to enjoy in these scenic surroundings.


Making sure your nutritional needs are met

You might be concerned that your unique nutritional requirements won’t be taken into account or that you will be expected to eat food that is unpalatable to you. However, although meals are served in a communal dining room, we are happy to personalize meals based on your dietary requirements, so make sure you let us know what we can do to improve things for you.


Coming to terms with personal assistance

One of your main reasons for considering a care home may be struggles with everyday tasks like bathing, grooming and toileting, but potential residents sometimes feel worried about asking for help in this regard. We strive to provide the highest level of supervision for those who need the most attention, so you can expect friendly, pragmatic assistance with all of your personal care needs. Staff members are also well versed in offering incontinence care and helping residents with eating difficulties. While being assisted with such personal tasks may seem alien at first, the experience will quickly become second nature and will help to bring you much-needed peace of mind.


Integrating yourself into the community

For some, the thought of a shared environment is exciting and invigorating. If you’ve longed for more companionship, your move to a senior living facility can provide opportunities for new bonds. Our large living room is the perfect place to chat with other residents, read in one of our comfortable chairs or watch a large-screen TV in companionable silence. We are committed to free visitor access, so your loved ones can come to see you whenever they like. Meanwhile, distant relatives can communicate with you face-to-face via our high quality video conferencing software. Although you will be moving to a care facility, we will do our very best to help you maintain the interests and relationships that you cultivated before coming to stay with us.

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