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1. Do you accept residents with dementia?
Yes, we accept residents with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body, Dementia and Mild cognitive impairment. We also accept stroke victims, canes, walkers, wheelchair bound residents and more. Incontinent residents are also accepted.
2. Do you accept bedridden and non-ambulatory residents?
We do accept bedridden (transfer dependent) residents. We also accept non-ambulatory residents. Our handicap accessible home offers the greater freedom and a dignified lifestyle.
3. What kind of residents do you accept?
We accept ambulatory, non-ambulatory, bedridden and residents with dementia.
4. What kind of training do the staff members have?
All staff members are required to go through regular training on topics such as the aging process, medications, the signs of dementia and helping people with dementia. They are also training in First Aid in case of an emergency.
5. Do you look after medications and ensure the resident receives them at the appropriate times?
Yes. Our home keeps all medications in a centrally stored location. Staff are trained to provide medication in the correct doses and at the correct times.
6. Can you provide personalized meals based on the individual dietary requirements.
Yes. The dinner setting is a communal dining room but each individual is served their own meal and the diet can be catered as required.
7. Are doctor’s visits included?
Yes, once per month doctor’s visits are included. A staff member will accompany the residents during their trip to the doctor.
8. Do you provide furnished rooms?
Our rooms are furnished with new furniture and are ready to move in. Residents can provide their own or specialist furniture if required.
9. What activities are provided?
We provide physical and cognitive games and activities. These have been especially planned by a Physical Therapist to ensure the resident maintain the highest level of independence, as well as physical and mental well being.
10. When can the residents family visit them?
We have an open door policy and residents can come to visit any time of the day. We also offer a web-conferencing service, assisted by our staff, where the resident can talk and see their family, even if they not able to get together personally.