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  • An assisted living facility (or Board and Care Home) is a perfect fit for those seeking extra care. An assisted living facility provides a safe, comfortable and dignified environment for those who need help intermittently throughout the day and night.
  • A Board and Care Home is the name given to an assisted living facility that is in a residential single family home setting.
  • Board and Care Home will typically provide a higher level of care than a larger assisted living facility. They provide 24-hour, non-medical supervision and care, with a higher level of staffing than most large facilities.
  • Board and Care Homes have to abide by the same law that larger facilities do. They are licensed by the Department of Social Services, and strictly regulated by the state of California.
  • Board and Care Homes are based out of a single family residential home. The resident feels more at home in such a setting than a large institutionalized facility.
  • Board and Care Homes are characterized by family-style communal meals, and regular/daily contact with staff who help the resident maintain the highest standard of living possible. This is done by constant observation of the resident, assistance with storing and distributing medications, and help with daily activities like bath, eating, grooming.
  • The staff also partakes in planned activities with the resident, they encourage the resident to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Board and Care Homes also handle regular doctor visits, providing transportation and if needed a staff member will accompany the residents to the doctor’s office. This assurance means that the resident’s needs are looked at regularly and timely treatment will be provided if required by the doctor.